Veterinarian caring for dog, avoiding veterinary malpractice litigation.

Tips for Avoiding Veterinary Malpractice Litigation

Veterinary malpractice occurs when a veterinarian fails to meet the standard of care that is reasonably expected of other animal health care providers. The standard of care expected of veterinarians is that which adheres to the normal protocols and practices of the veterinary field. Below are some tips on how to avoid veterinary malpractice litigation. […]

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Couple at a new veterinary practice.

Tips for Buying a Veterinary Practice

Buying a veterinary practice is a unique process, particularly if you’ve never bought one before.  And although practice ownership isn’t for everyone, there are major benefits to owning your own practice. If you are interested in purchasing a veterinary practice, below are some tips to get you started. Buying a Veterinary Practice? Follow These Tips […]

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The Corporate Squeeze: How Corporate Consolidation Is Disenfranchising Associate Veterans and Fueling Startups

By Anthony Mahan, Esq., MBA; Originally published on VetPartners In case you have been hiding under a rock the last few years, corporate consolidators have thrown piles of cash at acquiring veterinary practices throughout the U.S., which has resulted in lucrative practice purchases at astonishing valuation multiples. The corporate feeding frenzy is directed at multi-doctor […]

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Veterinarian taking care of kitten according to privacy guidelines.

Does HIPAA Apply to Animals?

For those of us who have been lucky enough to call pets a part of our family, we understand the love that accompanies our relationships with them. Some people like to take things to the extreme, like purchasing only the best treats, toys – and even clothing – that money can buy. But while we […]

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KY Sales Tax Update (HB 366): The Loophole!

Over the past few weeks my office has been asked numerous times about the new tax on “luxury services” in Kentucky, including veterinary and pet care services. After much thought below is the loophole all veterinarians should read!  If you haven’t heard, starting July 1, 2018 *all* veterinarians in the state of Kentucky will be […]

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New Regulations for Compounded Drugs in Ohio

The Ohio Pharmacy Board just promulgated new regulations that directly affect veterinary hospitals in Ohio that purchase or dispense compounded drugs.  As of 2/22/2016 compounding pharmacies will not be permitted to ship compounded drugs to your facility unless your facility has registered with the Ohio Pharmacy Board as a Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD). […]

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1099 or W-2: Contractor or Employee?

The thought of classifying a worker as an independent contractor is appealing to small business owners.  The main benefits of a 1099 independent contractor are that the company does not have to withhold income taxes, social security, medicare, city tax, county tax, school tax, and doesn’t pay unemployment compensation or the employer’s share of the […]

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