Veterinary Practice Litigation

Running a veterinary practice is unique but also similar to other business ventures in that disputes are inevitable. In the event that a matter rises to the level of civil litigation, it is crucial to consult an experienced veterinary attorney. More than just any lawyer, you need advice and counsel based on business savvy and legal insight -- the type of representation you can find at Mahan Law.

Founded by veterinary hospital owner Anthony Mahan, our practice is dedicated to helping veterinarians avoid litigation by helping them design well-crafted agreements and proactive policies and procedures. While we prefer to reach negotiated settlements to disputes through arbitration and mediation, our trial lawyers are also comfortable in the courtroom. If your veterinary practice is facing litigation, we will provide you with powerful representation when you need it most. 

Legal Counsel Provided by Mahan Law

Through a network of co-counsel attorneys, Mahan Law provides offensive and defensive capabilities to clients on a local, regional, and national basis. Our litigation practice encompasses a wide range of disputes, such as:

Employment Disputes

While it is crucial for a veterinary practice to memorialize policies and procedures in a well-conceived employee handbook and to put strong employment agreements (noncompete, nonsolicitation, nondisclosure, severance) in place, disputes between employees and employers are not uncommon. 

If you need assistance terminating an employee, or are facing an employment claim (e.g. wage and hour discrimination), our veterinary attorneys will provide you with a proven legal strategy. We represent clients in court as well as in administrative proceedings before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and similar state agencies.

Dog Bite/Workplace Injury Defense Litigation

Given that veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and staff members continually work with pets, dog bites are inevitable. In the event of a dog bite injury, determining liability can be complicated. Some states impose strict liability for dog bites, regardless of whether a dog has a history of biting or aggressive behavior, while other states rely on a "one bite rule." 

Additionally many states have a veterinarian's rule that falls under the assumption of risk doctrine. In short, because working with canines is inherently risky, individuals who voluntarily work with dogs assume the occupational risk of a dog bite. If a dog bite or other type of workplace injury occurs at your veterinary hospital or clinic, Mahan Law will work to protect you, your team and your practice. 

Workers Compensation

Given the occupational risks associated with owning and operating a veterinary practice, it is crucial (and a requirement) to obtain sufficient workers compensation coverage. We work with clients to assess their insurance coverage needs and also take a proactive approach by helping to develop safety procedures to avoid workplace injuries. In the event of an injury, workers compensation is designed to protect your practice from a civil lawsuit while offering injured workers partial wages and medical benefits.

Non-Compete and Restrictive Covenants

If your veterinary practice is in transition, whether because you are selling or looking to acquire another practice, it takes a skilled veterinary lawyer to prepare the necessary nonbinding letter of intent, purchase agreement, and other legal documents to effectuate the transaction. The legal team at Mahan Law will work to protect your interests through the use of properly structured noncompete provisions and restrictive covenants. 

Partnership Dissolutions

While every veterinary practice should have a business succession plan in place, along with the necessary buyout agreements, there may be a need for dissolving a partnership if selling the practice is not feasible. Our legal team can help you mitigate the complications associated with winding down a veterinary clinic, hospital or other facility. 

Commercial Litigation

There may come a time for a veterinary practice to resolve a dispute or enforce its rights through commercial litigation. Our trial lawyers are highly adept at resolving all types of disputes, including:

Our veterinary lawyers routinely conduct due diligence, interview witnesses and utilize other discovery tools to manage cases. Above all, we leverage our knowledge of procedural and substantive law to achieve successful outcomes inside and outside of the courtroom. 


Whether you handle billing in-house or rely on a third-party medical billing company, overdue accounts can have an adverse impact on your revenue and cash flow. Our legal team provides collection services to veterinary professionals to ensure their books are on the right track. 

Contact Our Experienced Veterinary Attorneys

If your veterinary practice is involved in a dispute that requires court intervention, you need the informed representation and cost-effective services Mahan Law provides. We charge on a flat fee basis and our retainer plans offer reduced rates on certain litigation services (e.g. court appearances). Depending on your exigencies, our legal team will work to help you avoid, defend or pursue litigation, and will always put your best interests first. Please contact our office today to set up a free consultation.

Mahan Law helps their clients with litigation throughout the United States including the states of Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.