Veterinary Property and Equipment Leases

Mahan Law advises veterinary professionals throughout the nation on property and equipment leasing. We have extensive experience structuring, documenting, and closing lease transactions and a proven history of protecting our clients' interests.  Our veterinary law attorney has in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate markets and is well-versed in the legal issues that arise in equipment-leasing transactions, litigation, and syndications. 

As the owner of a veterinary clinic, principal attorney Anthony Mahan is keenly aware of the challenges new veterinarians face securing and financing office space and equipment. He regularly co-counsels with veterinary lawyers to negotiate office and equipment leases for veterinary practices nationwide. When you consult with Mahan Law, we will help you avoid the pitfalls of lease transactions so that you can achieve your objectives in the veterinary space. 

Why You Need a Veterinary Property Lease Attorney

Leasing office space for your veterinary practice may seem straightforward; however, entering into an unfavorable lease can hinder the growth of your practice. It takes an experienced veterinary attorney to protect your interests by negotiating a well-conceived lease agreement. 

Of course, the overarching issue in a veterinary lease is how the rent is calculated. In addition to base rent, you may be required to pay additional rents for common areas as well a portion of the landlord's expenses (e.g. taxes, insurance, maintenance). 

Other things to look for in a veterinary practice lease include: 

  • Build outs -- If renovations are necessary to accommodate your veterinary practice, the landlord may agree to cover some of the expenses or offer a short-term rent abatement. 
  • Renewal options -- A veterinary lease should include renewal options because the location of the practice is a significant factor in its value. 
  • Assignment/subletting -- In the event that you join an association or decide to sell your veterinary practice, the lease should allow you to retain the right to assign or sublet the lease to a new tenant. 
  • Option to Buy -- As you grow your practice, owning the property may become more cost-effective and also add value to the business, so the lease should include an option to buy the premises.

These are only a few of the considerations when entering into a veterinary practice lease. Above all, trust Mahan Law to ensure that your lease includes favorable terms that allow your practice to expand. 

The Experienced Choice in Veterinary Leasing

Having state-of-the-art veterinary equipment allows you to provide patients with quality care and will also add value to your practice. Given the complexities involved in equipment leasing, however, it is crucial to work with an experienced attorney. 

At Mahan Law, we design leasing solutions for veterinary practices to acquire a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Autoclaves
  • Anesthesia equipment
  • Cages and cabinets
  • Vet Dental equipment
  • Exam/treatment tables
  • Infusion pumps
  • Incubators
  • Medical gas systems
  • Microscopes
  • Surgical lights
  • Suction equipment
  • Ultrasound machines
  • Ventilators

We represent clients ranging from solo practitioners to large corporate practices and will work to structure lease terms that suit your cash flow and capital requirements. Our equipment leasing services include: 

  • Structuring and documenting lease transactions
  • Preparing lease documents
  • Sale and leaseback transactions
  • Synthetic lease transactions
  • Lease securitization
  • Federal, state, and local tax counsel
  • Lease enforcement
  • Guarantees, letter of credit, bonds, and other credit enhancements
  • End of term advice and counsel 

In the event of disputes, it takes an experienced veterinary equipment leasing attorney to protect your rights. At Mahan Law, we prefer to resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner through alternative dispute resolution, however, we are fully prepared to handle equipment-leasing litigation. 

Keeping Your Veterinary Equipment Up-to-Date

Given the ongoing technological advances in veterinary equipment, the instruments your practice uses today will likely need to be upgraded. A well-conceived equipment lease will provide you with an option to replace the equipment without having to sell the old equipment. 

It goes without saying that cutting-edge veterinary devices can be costly. By working with an experienced attorney, you can explore all your financing options and preserve your working capital. 

At Mahan Law, we know that people treat their pets like members of the family and they expect you to provide their beloved companions with quality care. When you consult with us, we will work to arrange equipment leasing and financing that gives you access to up-to-date equipment so that you can provide patients with the care they need and deserve. 

Contact Our Experienced Veterinary Property and Equipment Lease Attorneys

Mahan Law is dedicated to helping our clients gain entry to the veterinary space and grow their practices. Whether you are a new veterinarian seeking a location and equipment for your practice or an experienced vet looking to expand your operations through practice acquisitions, you need the informed representation we provide. 

When you become our client, we will help you negotiate favorable property and equipment lease terms that will support your objectives and add value to your veterinary practice. Please contact our office today for a consultation with an experienced veterinary attorney.