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Protecting Veterinary Client Information

Veterinary practices routinely handle confidential client information. Confidential information includes animal and client-related information that links back to a person. Although animal treatment records themselves are not considered confidential information, they become so if they link back to a human client. Given the strong protection the law affords to such information, it is imperative to […]

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A veterinarian doctor in stress after an employment dispute

Understanding and Preventing Veterinary Burnout

Veterinary practice owners and employees have rewarding—but highly challenging—jobs. And in recent years, the veterinary industry has seen higher customer volume, lower employee retention, and a seemingly never-ending slew of new restrictions and safety practices. These developments, in addition to the traditional day-to-day challenges inherent to the veterinary industry, can result in burnout. In this […]

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Two veterinarians caring for a dog

4 Tips for Communicating with Veterinary Clients

Communication is the key to any successful business. Effective communication is especially important for businesses that deal with emotional clients, such as veterinary clinics and medical offices. It’s understandable that people are passionate about issues involving their pets. After all, most people think of their pets as part of the family. Therefore, veterinary clinic employees […]

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Female vet with client and dog

5 Common Veterinary Practice Transaction Missteps

Veterinary practice transactions can be highly profitable for all parties involved. However, the process of buying and selling a veterinary practice can also be overwhelming and confusing. There are many issues to address during the veterinary practice transaction process, and mistakes made along the way can transform a dream deal into a nightmare. In this […]

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veterinary practice receptionist greeting patient

Tips for Improving Your Veterinary Practice’s Customer Service

As a veterinary practice owner, you understand the importance of providing your patients with excellent care. However, from a business perspective, it is equally important to provide your clients with great customer service. In other words, if you don’t provide your customers with excellent service, they’re unlikely to remain your customers for long. In this […]

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veterinary practice client with dog

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Clients at Your Veterinary Clinic

A veterinary practice can be a highly emotional environment. This is understandable; after all, veterinarians treat people’s beloved pets—often under less-than-ideal circumstances. Therefore, as a veterinary practice owner, you must be prepared to deal with challenging situations. In this article, we provide tips for dealing with difficult clients at your veterinary practice.  Remain Calm  The […]

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Hiring the Right Veterinary Attorney

Whether you are seeking to start, buy, or sell a veterinary practice, one thing is for sure: you need an experienced veterinary attorney on your side. In addition, many of the day-to-day tasks of veterinary practices, such as hiring, firing, and drafting contracts, require legal guidance to ensure compliance with the law. In this article, […]

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Veterinarian signing papers

Do I Need Veterinary Malpractice Insurance?

As a veterinarian, you are always at risk of legal action. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that you and your practice remain protected. One option for protecting your practice is veterinary malpractice insurance. This kind of insurance can play a key role in defending you against specific types of allegations and […]

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Doctor Using computer with graphs and stethoscope

Here's Why Your Veterinary Practice Isn't Growing

Owning a veterinary practice can be extremely rewarding. The opportunity to do what you love while being your own boss is a situation most people can only dream of. Unfortunately, however, being a veterinary practice owner can also be difficult—especially if you aren’t getting the kinds of results you desire. For most veterinary practice owners, […]

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