Veterinary practice owner shaking hands with veterinary practice manager

What is a Veterinary Practice Manager?

Veterinarians are great at what they do—caring for animals. However, some veterinarians who also own their own practices lack the desire or business acumen to deal with the day-to-day administrative tasks necessary to run a successful practice. This is where veterinary practice managers come in. Veterinary practice managers provide business management services to veterinary practice […]

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vet examining cat x-ray

What is a Veterinary Surgeon?

When an animal develops a medical issue that requires advanced care, surgery is sometimes necessary. When this is the case, an animal’s veterinarian will usually refer the pet to a veterinary surgeon. In this article, we examine the specialized field of veterinary surgery.  Veterinary Areas of Specialization  Like the majority of health care fields, the […]

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man signing veterinary legal documents

Tips for Starting Your Own Veterinary Practice

Starting your own veterinary practice can be extremely rewarding. However, before taking the plunge into practice ownership, you must ensure that you are fully prepared. Without a solid game plan in place, you run the risk of making mistakes that can sink your practice before it gets off the ground. If you’re considering starting your […]

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Woman at the vet with her dog

4 Common Misconceptions About Selling a Veterinary Practice

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the veterinary practice sales process. This isn’t surprising. After all, selling a veterinary practice is complicated, and complicated topics tend to create confusion. Unfortunately, if you’re considering selling your veterinary practice, relying on inaccurate information can cost you time and money. To help you avoid mistakes […]

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Are Veterinarians in Demand?

The veterinary profession is a great choice for animal lovers. After all, if you love animals, what could be better than working with animals every day? However, veterinary school isn’t cheap, and you’ll have to pay back your student loans somehow. Therefore, before you make the decision to become a veterinarian, you should make sure […]

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veterinarian and bulldog

How Efficient Is Your Veterinary Practice?

When it comes to business, especially the veterinary business, efficiency is everything. In fact, the efficiency of your veterinary practice is directly related to its profitability. Therefore, whether you are a veterinary practice owner, or you want to become a veterinary practice owner, it’s important for you to understand how to make your veterinary practice […]

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veterinarian and dog

Tips for Picking a Veterinary Attorney

As a veterinarian, you are constantly faced with litigation risks. Whether it’s an unhappy client or a disgruntled employee, you’re bound to need an attorney sooner or later. When it comes to veterinary practice litigation, choosing the right attorney is extremely important, as the stakes in these types of cases can be high. So, before […]

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Do All Veterinarians Do Surgery?

If you have an interest in becoming a veterinarian, you probably have a general idea of the daily tasks associated with veterinary practice. Veterinarians perform wellness exams, diagnose sick pets, and perform routine surgeries. In fact, for many veterinarians, surgery is a big part of the job. However, the thought of surgery makes some prospective […]

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