How to Choose a Veterinary Practice Consulting Attorney

If you own a veterinary practice or plan on starting your own veterinary practice, it is essential that you hire an experience veterinary practice consulting attorney. Not only can a veterinary practice consulting attorney handle the legal needs of your veterinary practice, but he or she can help ensure that your practice is organized in a manner that maximizes your odds of success. When choosing a veterinary practice consulting attorney, you should make sure that the firm you choose has experience in a variety of practice areas. Ideally, the attorney you choose to represent your veterinary practice should have experience in the following areas: 

Veterinary Practice Management – Your attorney should be well-versed in veterinary practice management and should have experience helping veterinary professionals develop and implement efficient operating procedures.

Human Resources Consulting – While veterinarians have ample experience treating animals, they often need assistance with managing employees. Therefore, the veterinary practice consulting attorney you choose should be capable of assisting your practice with human resource management issues and helping you design human resources policies and procedures.

Veterinary Practice Startups – Opening a veterinary practice involves a number of steps, including choosing a business entity, obtaining financing, and obtaining the necessary licenses.  Therefore, if you are in the process of starting your practice, you should choose an attorney who has ample experience with veterinary practice startups. 

Veterinary Practice Transitions – If you are purchasing or selling a veterinary practice, you need an attorney who is experienced with all facets of veterinary practice transitions, including negotiations, the preparation of nonbinding letters of intent to secure financing, and the coordination of closings.

Compliance Issues – All veterinary practices must deal with compliance issues. Therefore, the attorney you hire should help ensure that you remain compliant with sanitary requirements, facility standards, housing requirements, specifications for surgical facilities, and building maintenance requirements. 

Veterinary Practice Litigation – Finally, all businesses must remain prepared for legal disputes. Therefore, the attorney you hire should have extensive experience practicing in the courtroom and before medical licensing boards across the country. 

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Owning and operating your own veterinary practice is a rewarding experience. However, without the right team backing you up, things can quickly unravel. Therefore, if you run a veterinary practice, you need an experienced veterinary practice attorney on your side. At Mahan Law, we know the veterinary business inside and out. Founded by veterinary hospital owner Anthony Mahan, our practice is dedicated to helping veterinary practice owners avoid legal problems by helping them design well-crafted agreements and proactive policies and procedures. In addition, in the event you are sued, our veterinary litigation attorneys are as comfortable at the settlement table as they are in the courtroom. In other words, we are well-equipped to handle all of your veterinary practice needs. Please contact us today for a consultation.