New Regulations for Compounded Drugs in Ohio

The Ohio Pharmacy Board just promulgated new regulations that directly affect veterinary hospitals in Ohio that purchase or dispense compounded drugs.  As of 2/22/2016 compounding pharmacies will not be permitted to ship compounded drugs to your facility unless your facility has registered with the Ohio Pharmacy Board as a Terminal Distributor of Dangerous Drugs (TDDD).  If your hospital compounded its own drugs it should already be registered as a TDDD.

The Application to obtain the TDDD permit is below:

The application process currently takes about 30 days to be approved.  Please pay special attention as veterinarians are excepted from the normal fees and only pay $40.00.  Lastly, the pharmacy board informed us that incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected and will restart the process.  If you need assistance obtaining your permit feel free to contact us.