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At Mahan Law, our mission is to provide exceptional legal services to veterinary professionals throughout Texas. Led by Anthony A. Mahan, who combines his legal expertise with personal experience in owning a veterinary clinic, our firm understands the unique challenges veterinarians face. 

Our veterinary attorneys work collaboratively with a respected network of veterinary brokers, appraisers, and financial professionals to provide our clients with comprehensive legal guidance and actionable advice. 

If you plan to start, buy, or sell a veterinary practice, turn to Mahan Law. When you partner with us, you can be confident in our commitment to your success. Contact us today to get started.

Buying a Veterinary Practice in Texas

Purchasing a veterinary practice involves numerous legal considerations. We guide our clients through every step, offering services including:

  • Identifying potential practices that meet your criteria
  • Conducting comprehensive due diligence to ensure a sound investment
  • Negotiating terms to secure the best deal for you
  • Preparing all necessary transaction documents
  • Assisting with financing and closing processes

At Mahan Law, our process ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on your future practice's growth and success. We understand the unique challenges of running a practice and caring for people's pets and livestock. Trust our team to position you to meet those challenges with care and precision. 

Selling a Veterinary Practice

When selling your veterinary practice, getting every detail right is essential. Our services include:

  • Market analysis to determine your practice's value
  • Identifying potential buyers and negotiating the sale
  • Preparing and reviewing all the transaction documents
  • Advising on tax implications and exit strategies
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements

Our goal is to maximize your financial return and ensure a smooth transition. Our Texas veterinary attorneys will help plan your exit strategy, whether you intend to remain with the practice for a predetermined period or retire from practicing veterinary medicine. 

Starting a Veterinary Practice in Texas

Starting a new practice is a significant undertaking. Our firm provides comprehensive legal assistance for:

  • Selecting the appropriate business entity and structure
  • Guidance on financial planning and securing funding
  • Navigating regulatory compliance and licensing issues
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts
  • Developing effective marketing and business strategies

We ensure your practice is set up for success from day one by laying a solid foundation and helping to clarify benchmarks for success. Above all, our team of veterinary attorneys will work to protect your interests and help you achieve your objectives. 

Real Estate Advice for Veterinary Professionals

Real estate decisions can impact the success of your practice. Our services cover:

  • Guidance on property selection and acquisition
  • Lease negotiation and agreement drafting
  • Handling purchase and lease disputes
  • Advising on zoning and land use issues
  • Assisting with property financing

Whether you are buying or selling a veterinary practice, our comprehensive knowledge of real estate law helps you make informed decisions.

Civil Litigation

Litigation can be a complex and challenging process. We represent veterinary professionals in matters such as:

Our approach is to resolve disputes efficiently. Whether that means negotiation or litigation, we are well-prepared to protect your interests. 

Veterinary Consultation and Retainer Plans

Our ongoing legal support ensures you have ready access to legal advice. Our services include:

  • Regular legal consultations to address ongoing concerns
  • Retainer plans for continuous legal support
  • Legal strategy development for long-term business planning
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management advice
  • Legal representation for any unexpected legal issues

With our consultation and retainer plans, Mahan Law has you covered. 

What Sets Us Apart

Mahan Law is unique in the field of veterinary legal services. Our founder, Anthony A. Mahan, brings firsthand experience from owning a veterinary clinic, providing a deep understanding of the industry's challenges and opportunities. 

Our approach combines this practical experience with our legal knowledge, offering unparalleled advice and support. We understand the veterinary business from the inside out, allowing us to provide tailored legal solutions that meet the needs of veterinary professionals.

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For veterinary professionals seeking legal guidance in Texas, Mahan Law offers the expertise and understanding you need. Our blend of industry-specific knowledge and legal acumen ensures you are well-equipped to navigate any legal challenge. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.