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Mahan Law provides a full suite of legal services to veterinary professionals in Kentucky.  Whether starting or buying a veterinary practice or planning a transition, working with an experienced veterinary attorney is essential. 

Lead attorney Anthony Mahan regularly represents veterinarians on matters ranging from practice formation and associate buy-ins to real estate transactions and business succession. As the owner of a veterinary clinic, he understands the challenges of running a practice in an ever-changing landscape driven by consolidation. 

By collaborating with respected veterinary attorneys, brokers, appraisers, financial professionals, and lenders that understand the veterinary space, our firm advises clients on all aspects of owning and operating a veterinary practice. When you become our client, you will be confident with our dedicated legal team guiding you. Contact our Bellevue office today to schedule a consultation. 

Buying a Veterinary Practice in Kentucky

If you are looking to buy a veterinary practice, you need an attorney who understands the market in Kentucky. That's where Mahan Law can assist you. We can help you navigate all aspects of a practice acquisition, including:

  • Working with our network of brokers to identify an available veterinary practice
  • Negotiating with the seller and their attorneys 
  • Preparing the Letter of Intent and other transaction documents
  • Performing due diligence
  • Arranging for financing through investors and lenders 
  • Closing the transaction

You can depend on our experienced Kentucky veterinary lawyers to negotiate a fair and reasonable purchase price and handle all the details of buying a veterinary practice, such as:

  • Employment agreements
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Real estate purchases and leases
  • Client/patient transitioning
  • Liability assumption

We will manage the entire process and work to close the deal swiftly and expediently. 

Selling a Veterinary Practice

Mahan Law also represents veterinary professionals considering retiring and selling their practices. We have in-depth knowledge of the local market and can help to identify potential buyers, either in Kentucky or out-of-state. Our veterinary attorney will collaborate with accountants, barkers, and financial professionals to determine the value of your practice.

You can depend on us to work closely with you through all phases of the transaction and help plan your exit strategy. Whether you are selling to a third party or transitioning your practice through an associate buy-in, we will work strategically to protect your interests and maximize your return on investment. 

Starting a Veterinary Practice in Kentucky

Starting a veterinary practice involves several considerations. From selecting the right business entity to choosing the right location and local and state licensing requirements, our firm is here to provide strategic advice and objective insights. Our Kentucky veterinary attorneys are well-versed in matters such as:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Business entity formation
  • Funding and tax issues
  • Commercial lease negotiation and planning
  • Building and zoning compliance

We have extensive experience negotiating and preparing ownership and partnership agreements and will guide you through all aspects of a veterinary practice startup, including:

  • Securing financing
  • Arranging for commercial leasing
  • Developing employment agreements, policies, and procedures
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Protecting your business from litigation

Our legal team also works with real estate agents in local markets to identify suitable locations and regularly handles all dealings with vendors, suppliers, builders, and lenders. 

Real Estate Advice for Veterinary Professionals

Owning and operating a veterinary practice often involves acquiring or leasing commercial property. At Mahan Law, we advise clients on commercial property transactions, negotiate and prepare purchase and sales agreements and leases, and help arrange financings. We understand the real estate markets in Kentucky and will work with you to secure a prime location for your veterinary practice. 

Civil Litigation

Veterinary professionals in Kentucky must prepare for disputes and the potential of litigation. From disputes with clients and vendors to partnership disputes and veterinary board enforcement actions, Mahan Law provides powerful, effective representation in arbitration and court proceedings. 

While we prefer to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, our trial lawyers will litigate, if necessary, to achieve the desired outcome. If your veterinary practice is facing a dispute, trust our veterinary attorneys to find an innovative solution. 

Veterinary Consultation and Retainer Plans

In addition to advising veterinary professionals in Kentucky on startups, acquisitions, and sales, we offer veterinary consultation and retainer plans. This flat flee plan covers all your legal needs while avoiding hourly billing for day-to-day legal services (e.g. phone calls, emails, contract drafting, compliance, and risk management). 

If your veterinary practice faces litigation requiring court appearances, you benefit from our reduced fees and collection rates. Ultimately, our ongoing counsel will help you balance business demands, legal considerations, and, most of all, patient care. 

Contact Our Experienced Kentucky Veterinary Attorneys

At Mahan Law, we advise veterinary professionals on all aspects of practice ownership so they can focus on treating their clients' pets and livestock. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.