Dealing With the Stress of a Veterinary Malpractice Lawsuit

Although rewarding, the veterinary profession can be stressful. In addition to the many routine issues that you must address each day, you also must confront unexpected challenges. One such challenge is a veterinary malpractice lawsuit. Unfortunately, a veterinary malpractice lawsuit can arise at any time. Therefore, you must always remain prepared for this possibility, and you must know how to address it when it arises. In addition to understanding how to address veterinary malpractice lawsuits from a legal perspective, you must possess the tools to deal with the mental and physical effects of litigation. In this article, we discuss how to deal with the stress of a veterinary malpractice lawsuit. 


After being served with a veterinary malpractice lawsuit, the first thing you should do is prepare. The first reason for this is obvious—adequate preparation increases your odds of a successful outcome. However, preparing for your lawsuit can also help to reduce your stress in several ways. For one, by shifting your focus to preparation, you have less time to worry. And second, preparation can give you the peace of mind that you’ve done everything possible to address your case, thereby reducing your overall stress level.  

Confer with Colleagues and Friends (But Don’t Discuss Specifics)

Another way to reduce the stress caused by a veterinary malpractice lawsuit is to discuss the matter with colleagues who’ve faced similar challenges. Specifically, it can be helpful to speak with other veterinarians who’ve faced malpractice lawsuits in the past. When discussing this matter, you should ask them how they dealt with the stress associated with the lawsuit. 

In addition, you should speak to family members who are willing to listen to your concerns. Often, just expressing your feeling about the matter can reduce your stress levels. However, when speaking to colleagues or family, be sure not to discuss the details of your case. In fact, the only person you should share this information with is your veterinary malpractice attorney. 

Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Health

Finally, after being served with a veterinary malpractice lawsuit, you should prioritize your physical and mental health. Although being sued is stressful, you shouldn’t take any actions that increase this stress. For example, although you should prepare for the lawsuit with the help of your attorney, you shouldn’t fixate on the case. In addition, you shouldn’t attempt to handle your stress by overindulging in food or alcohol. Instead, you should engage in healthy, stress-reducing activities, such as exercising and participating in hobbies.  

Contact an Experienced Veterinary Lawyer 

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