Building a Professional Team in Your Veterinary Practice

At Mahan Law, our practice is dedicated to helping veterinary professionals throughout the nation achieve their objectives. Buying, selling, or operating a veterinary practice hinges on building a professional team, starting with having an experienced veterinary attorney

As the owner of a veterinary clinic, principal attorney Mahan understands the business, legal, and regulatory challenges facing veterinarians. He regularly collaborates with co-counsel and a respected network of professionals -- veterinary brokers, lenders, accountants -- with a working knowledge of a wide range of veterinary industry-related matters.  

Trust Mahan Law and our team of professionals to provide you with trustworthy advice and dependable service. When you become our client, you will be able to pursue your objectives in the veterinary space with confidence. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Why You Need a Veterinary Attorney to Build a Professional Team

There are plenty of business attorneys who can negotiate transactions and draft contracts for service providers, but it is wise to work with a veterinary lawyer who understands the unique complexities and challenges of veterinary professionals: acquiring clients, employment issues,  land use restrictions, partnership disputes, equipment leasing, property transactions, and practice transitions.

No matter the issue facing your practice, you need the informed representation Mahan Law provides. For those buying or expanding a practice, our veterinary attorney can help to:

  • Identify a target practice
  • Determine its value
  • Negotiate the purchase price
  • Structure the transaction 
  • Identify the potential legal, regulatory, and tax implications
  • Arrange for financing
  • Obtain liability insurance

Above all, we will always work in your best interests and make sure the transaction is handled expediently and professionally. Similarly, we regularly represent veterinarians on practice sales.  If you are a motivated seller, our team of professionals can help to:

  • Conduct an appraisal of your practice 
  • Market the practice sale 
  • Locate a buyer through a network of veterinary brokers 
  • Negotiate transaction terms
  • Prepare legal documents (e.g. letter of intent, purchase agreement)
  • Arrange for transfer of intangible assets

When you consult with Mahan Law, we will work to structure the sale of your veterinary practice in a manner that maximizes your investment.

Consulting Services at Mahan Law

In addition to handling purchase and sale transactions, we offer veterinary flat fee retainer plans to cover a wide range of veterinary practice needs: contract review, legal drafting, governmental compliance, human resource issues, forms, contracts, and risk management. 

In the event your veterinary practice is faced with a dispute with a client, employee, vendor or medical board, we will work to protect your interests. Ultimately, our retainer plans allow us to establish a long-term professional relationship and provide you with ongoing advice and counsel to proactively address all your legal and business needs. 

What is the role of a veterinary broker?

Veterinary professionals seeking to sell their practices often utilize the services of a veterinary broker to help find a suitable buyer. The role of the broker is to ensure your practice is sold by providing services such as:

  • Market analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Marketing 
  • Transaction analysis
  • Pre-closing activities
  • Delivery of the executed purchase and sale agreement

The veterinary broker is not your agent, however, and cannot negotiate on your behalf. Although working with a broker can be an efficient and expedient way to sell your veterinary practice, it is crucial to have an attorney representing your interests.

At Mahan Law, we can connect you with an experienced broker who has knowledge of the regional market, relationships with potential buyers, and marketing tools and resources. Like any business relationship, the terms and expectations of the relationship between you and the broker must be clearly defined in a supporting agreement. 

We regularly review and prepare brokerage listing agreements and will make sure the agreement sets out the term of the sale, the scope of the broker's services, and the terms of commissions and brokerage fees. Ultimately, an experienced veterinary broker will play a pivotal role on your professional team. 

Choosing a Veterinary Lender 

Whether you are buying a practice or looking to expand an established practice, funding the transaction will likely require a veterinary practice loan. With so many funding options available, choosing a veterinary lender can become complicated. That's where Mahan Law comes in. 

We work with a network of bankers and funders that serve the veterinary industry and understand the unique challenges facing veterinarians. Whether you need to secure a loan to purchase new facilities, buy updated veterinary technology or expand your current location, our legal team can help you explore all your funding options and secure a loan product that best suits your needs.

Professional Accounting Services for Your Veterinary Team

Veterinarians have a multitude of tasks to handle on a daily basis, from providing services to their clients to overseeing the operations of the practice. The best way to manage the financial obligations and responsibilities of your practice is to enlist the services of a CPA to control your bookkeeping and accounting practices. 

An experienced accountant can provide veterinary business services such as:

  • Assessing operational management practices
  • Implementing the appropriate accounting method
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Tax planning and preparation

At Mahan Law, we collaborate with a respected network of CPAs who can provide ongoing financial analysis and reporting to help you evaluate your practice. By having an experienced attorney on your team of professionals, you will be able to improve efficiency and grow your practice. 

Contact Our Experienced Veterinary Attorneys

Achieving success in the veterinary space depends on building relationships. Trust Mahan Law to help you build a team of professionals committed to your success. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced veterinary attorney and fellow veterinary professional.