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At the heart of any business are four main components for success and protection of assets: (1) Entity Formation, (2) Contracts, (3) Personal and Succession Planning, and (4) Insurance.  Proper use of contracts is essential for any business to be successful.  Because contracts play an important role in business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships and are muddled with legal jargon businesses and individuals will often find themselves in disputes of contractual terms or eventually litigation.  

Why even a simple contract is necessary

There is a reason business contracts contain a slew of clauses riddled with legal jargon, because at the end of the day the writing is the best evidence of the agreement between the parties.  Rules of contract construction make it extremely difficult to vary the terms of a written agreement--even if a party later feels the writing does not reflect pre-contract discussions.  Due to this it is important that parties negotiate and draft terms of a contract accurately.  Also, while not all contracts have to be in writing, many contracts are completely ineffective unless in writing and signed by the parties.  

Make the sure contract protects your downside risk

The various clauses found in contracts are there to protect a party in case the contract is not fulfilled in the intended manner.  These clauses may change the way the contract has to be performed, how disputes are resolved, and how damages for breaching the contract are calculated.  Often times small businesses feel overpowered in negotiating contract terms with vendors and overwhelmed or embarrassed when dealing with customers.  This does not have to be the case!  Our office always provides up front, flat fee advise when reviewing or negotiating contract terms.  

Resolve contractual disputes efficiently

Not all contractual disputes end up in litigation.  Often times good business relationships can assist if resolving minor disputes so that the relationship can continue.  Other times relationships have broken down to the point that litigation is inevitable.  Our attorneys have litigated hundreds of contract disputes and if our experience tells us one thing its thatinvolving an attorney in the resolution sooner than later often saves both time, costs, and relationships.  Mahan Law strives to keep our clients best interest at heart while simultaneously being efficient and cost-advantageous.  We will always make it affordable to get assistance with contract drafting, review, negotiation, and even litigation.


Our office is conveniently located in Newport, Kentucky (less than two miles from downtown Cincinnati), but we handle cases throughout the states of Ohio and Kentucky. We also routinely meet with our clients at their offices or homes if more convenient.

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