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Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Practice Litigation Attorney

If you are facing a legal issue involving your veterinary practice, you need a veterinary practice litigation attorney on your side. However, before choosing an attorney, there’s a lot you need to consider. Choosing the right attorney is extremely important, and the wrong decision can have a huge impact on your veterinary practice. Below are some things to consider when choosing a veterinary practice litigation attorney


When speaking to a prospective veterinary practice litigation attorney, you should ask him about his experience handling cases similar to yours. Veterinary law is a very specific practice area, so you must choose an attorney with veterinary law experience. If an attorney has the requisite amount of experience, you should inquire into his rate of success handling such cases. Ideally, the veterinary practice litigation attorney you choose will have ample experience and success with both courtroom judgments and settlements. 


Some lawyers prefer to go to trial, and other attorneys prefer to settle—both approaches can be appropriate depending on the circumstances. When speaking to a prospective attorney, you should ask which he prefers. Ideally, you should choose someone comfortable with both options. An attorney who has ample experience with both litigating and settling cases will have the ability to objectively determine which option is the most appropriate for your case. 

Availability and Involvement

The attorney you choose should be easily reachable. Therefore, you should ask your prospective attorney his or her preferred method of communication. In addition, you should determine whether the attorney you speak with will actually be the one handling your case. Sometimes, larger firms assign the bulk of their legal work to junior associates—this can produce mixed results. Ultimately, your attorney should not only be reachable, but he should be helpful and responsive to your questions as your case moves along. 


Finally, you should ask your attorney how he plans to charge you for the work performed. Some lawyers work on a contingency basis, and others charge by the hour. Ideally, the attorney you choose should offer a payment option that works for you.  

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Running a veterinary practice is a unique experience. Therefore, if you own a veterinary practice, you need a veterinary practice litigation attorney who understands the ins and outs of the animal care industry. At Mahan Law, we have a deep understanding of the veterinary business. Founded by veterinary hospital owner Anthony Mahan, our veterinary litigation practice is dedicated to helping veterinarians avoid litigation by assisting them with the design of proactive policies and procedures. And when litigation is unavoidable, our attorneys are as comfortable at the settlement table as they are in the courtroom. Regardless of the legal needs of your veterinary practice, our attorneys are here to help. Therefore, if you require legal assistance, please contact us for a consultation.